Saltwater Links

Kent Marine - New! KENT Marine Pro-Dechlorinator. One step solution to safely neutralize tap water.

Bulk Reef Supply - Home of the two-part solution.

Nano Customs - custom nano reefs, parts, & accessories.

Hello Lights - Aquarium Lighting Superstore

Glass-Holes - Dope Aquarium stuff and Glass Hole cutting

Advanced Aquarist Online Magazine The online magazine for the saltwater reef and freshwater planted aquarium enthusiast.

Melevsreef - Lots of good info on acrylic and sumps

Marine Compatibility Chart - Will that new fish you want eat your corals

Reef Chemistry Calculator - Dosing calculator

Hitch Hikers Guide - A Hitch Hikers Guide to the Reefs

Coralpedia - Coral ID

Reef Builders - Reviews, Videos, Forums all related to this hobby

Reefkeeping - online magazine for the marine aquarist

Garf - just alot of general reef info


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