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Sunday, February 19 2017 Club meeting

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  • Sunday, February 19 2017 Club meeting

    Hi Everyone!

    We had our first meeting of 2017. Items on the agenda today were as follows:

    Board member elections:
    Mike Bakker, Carole Stueben up for re-election. Due to personal commitments, Bakker has stepped down as club president. John Fluck and Carole Stueben were nominated and unanimously voted onto the board. John Fluck will take the role of Club Treasurer and Carole Stueben will take the role of Club President.

    2017 Frag Swap:
    The frag swap will occur this year. Turnout was not as good as in previous years due to a number of reasons (date change, lack of advertisement). John Fluck will be assisting with advertising. Date was set for Sunday, Sept 17 2017. We are going to look into getting the hall for the previous day as well so as to facilitate vendor setup. Different avenues of advertising were discussed, up to and including the following: local newspaper article, roadside signage, advertising in reefkeeping periodicals, advertising on various forums, facebook, twitter, and at other events. Bringing a speaker in again was discussed along with current club membership in MASNA. Reimbursement of travel costs make this a feasible option again.

    March meeting:
    The next club meeting will be Saturday, March 18th. Time and location will be announced. Location has been decided on, it is a matter of whether it is available. Club presentation will be determined concurrently with the location announcement.

    Par meter:
    Purchase of a club PAR meter was discussed. Three options will be researched and presented at the next meeting. This will be an item that will be made available to all paid club members and held by a board member.

    A small pico-sized tank was raffled off with tickets given to all present club members. Bobby won the itty bitty tank.

    Club trips:
    Various club trips to Chicagoland LFS and wholesalers was discussed. A big trip to the Diver's Den warehouse in Rhinelander, Wisconsin was also discussed. Information pertaining to these will be presented at the next meeting.

    See you at the next meeting!!!
    240g FOWLR - complete!, WIP 125g reef/inverts, WIP 30g/20g mantis.