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So whats up people?

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  • So whats up people?

    So back 3 years ago I decided to get into a reef tank. Lack of knowledge and time prevented me from diving in. I came to a couple meetings and met Ryan. This club was really busy at the time.
    Now I get my tank going and would love to meet people and get some local corals and just BS about the hobby. But no one is here anymore. I get people are busy. I am guessing that their are many people in the area wanting to do the same. At the very least can we get the forum active. I would love that I can stay local instead of traveling to Illinois for coral. I gladly support The Ark. Paul and John have been great. But as always we want to save money or get that special coral from someone. I wish I could contribute more time to the club but being on the road almost every weekend with my DD playing fastpitch softball I cannot. I still have time to BS trade or help peeps during the week.
    Please don't take this negatively. I am trying to wake people up in this region and get this club rolling again.Again just answering people or posting something new you seen and then someone responding shows a pulse. What do you think? My name is Tom and I think I am addicted.LOL. Hello!

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    So if anyone wants to get together and BS or come check out my tank feel free to message me. I will be going to harvest frag swap also if someone wants to carpool. Would love to see the club get more active peeps.


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      Yeah the club has lost a lot of its prime members since its golden days. The hobby has a ton of ups and downs as you will find out if you stick with it for a long enough period of time or through enough good and bad times. Summer months are usually pretty dead around the forums and the winter usually brings more people in.
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        Thanks for the reply! I get it. Their are always new people coming in and old hobbyists coming back. Just looking to get the BB back active at least.


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          New to the club!

          tr1ger, its funny that you say the Summer months are slow because I plan a lot of my tank work around the winter months. I also ensure everything is dialed in before summer comes because I know that I will be busy.


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            New to the forums and this community seems very lively before.


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              yeah, club is in a downturn right now. Hopefully ti picks up soon,
              Reefers helping fellow reefers. Not Reefers making the quickest buck off fellow reefers.