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    I'm so sorry to hear this. If there's anything you need send me a text or pm.
    Stay Salty


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      Im so sorry you have to deal with this. My heart goes out to you and your family.
      30gal nuvo mixed reef,cc120 led panel, hydor slim skimmer, 3 hydor powerheads.
      1. Skimmer cup clean.
      2. Top off container filled.
      3. Sg1.025
      4. Temp 78' done


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        Quick update on things.

        Still haven't built the stand for the 210. I have the wood in the garage, but I haven't gotten it done yet. I am a procrastinator, but it is not entirely my fault.

        As mentioned in an earlier post, I help run a basketball camp every summer with the Griffith HS coaches. I also am a board member for the local boys' basketball rec league in town in charge of quite a few things with the league. In early August, the new head coach for the HS team(he was the main assistant coach last year) asked me in for a meeting and surprised me by asking me to join his coaching staff as his assistant coach. I have absolutely no HS coaching experience, and it took me a couple of days, but I eventually accepted the job.

        My days now consist of me doing my web business work in the morning and I am up at the HS every night for about 4.5 hours coaching the Varsity(as an assistant) and 6th-grade team(my son is on the team). I have been working from home for 4+ years now and it has been a major change to have to go somewhere every day again. Not sure if I am going to continue to do it again after this year, but getting paid to coach has made the adjustment a little easier.

        I still have many moments where I go to call my dad to tell him something about my life. Not thinking about it daily anymore as my life is just crazy busy now...silver lining.

        Hope everyone is well....miss seeing a lot of the old friends that were around when this place started.