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  • NWIMAC By-Laws

    The NWIMAC is a club formed by individuals in the greater northwest Indiana region as an outlet for people to share their reef keeping knowledge.

    The club will have a governing board of five members who will work towards furthering our goals by keeping the club moving forward.
    It is the boards responsibility to work together to maintain the club but any registered or full member may offer at any time their help to the club.
    These five board members will be broken down into different jobs within the club by the board itself. These jobs will include a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and events coordinator. Each board member will be elected to a two year term with the option to opt out of their second year when elections begin for the following year’s board. Nominations for new board members will take place every November and then will be voted on every December with new board members taking their spot on January 1st of the next year.

    Rules for Nominating Board Members:

    Any paid member of current year, 18 years of age or older, in good standing with the club is able to run for office for the following year.

    Any single member of the club may nominate one person for office including him/herself.

    People Nominated must accept or decline nominations by the november meeting by creating a topic in the members section stating thier intentions.

    Nominated members may present their case for a board postion in the post that they make accepting nomination, but slandering of other members up for election will not be tolerated.

    Voting Rules for NWIMAC Board positions:

    Each person will vote on an unsigned paper ballot

    Each person will vote for 3 people on the ballot

    Each person will rank those three people from 3 to 1 with 3 going to the person he would most like to see elected.

    Ballots must be brought to the December meeting, or cast at the December meeting.

    If you cannot make the December meeting you must get your ballot, in a sealed envelope, to one of the incumbent board members who are not up for re-election for them to bring to the meeting. Envelopes will remain sealed till just before counting. Please make sure you include a return address on any envelopes brought to the meeting by a 3rd party. Votes that cannot be identified by either the person turing them in, or the name on the envelope will not be counted.

    Once all votes are cast all ballots will be placed together to be counted by the incumbent board members not up for re-election.

    The canidates with the highest total points from the ballots will be elected into the open positions.

    In the event of a tie in the voting we will have three tie-breakers:

    1st tie-breaker = total 1st place votes
    2nd tie-breaker = total 2nd place votes
    in the event of a tie at that point there would be a new live vote with just the two people who tied being voted on.

    If the 3rd tie-breaker also ends in a tie then we will continue to revote until somebody changes thier vote or somebody backs down.

    We currently have a private forum limited to the Board’s membership to help discuss the direction of the club, and bring initial discussions to light for future activities and possible changes in the club.

    It will be up to the board to plan meetings and events for the club with input from the rest of the club.

    It will be the board’s job to stay in contact with sponsors of the club, and contact possible new sponsors over the course of the year.

    It will be the board’s job to control any money used by the club for club functions. The treasurer will be expected to handle all details of record keeping, but any board member may collect or use club funds with the clubs approval.

    Club funds will be maintained in a bank account with the clubs state tax ID# that is available to the treasurer, president and vice president of the club for withdraw to use for club functions.

    Any money collected for dues, or fund raising activities will be used to maintain the club and its activities only. In no way will the clubs activities or money be used in an attempt to turn a profit for its members, but only to ensure that the club is a fun and worthwhile venture. No member of the club will be paid for any activity done for the club. No items will be sold by the club with any intent other than that of maintaining the club

    It will be the Treasurer’s responsibility to report in an accurate manner the flow of such cash within the club for all members to review.

    Dues will be $20 per year, per family and will allow a member full benefits until the beginning of the next calendar year when dues will be collected again. Dues will be collected starting in November of the prior year and must be paid by the end of January for the year the dues are paying. Members who join after July 1st of the year will be charged a pro-rated membership fee of $10 instead of the full $20 fee. Members who join up after November 1st will be charged the full $20 fee and that will apply towards the remainder of the current year and all of the next years dues. Dues must be paid to a board member or it can be paid through PayPal.
    No matter how many users are in one household, the original paid member is the only one eligible for giveaways that are offered by the club. (Giveaways are defined as free items offered by the club which are given to a random full status club member)But each user my enter any paid raffle when they so choose to be included. If the additional user names would like to partake in the club giveaways, each user (even when in the same household) needs to have paid the appropriate current club dues.

    Should anything happen to the club, all of the clubs remaining funds will be donated to the John G. Shedd Aquarium in Chicago IL In the name of the club.

    It will be the responsibility of the board to furnish a general over view of all club functions in the form of loosely compiled minutes from such functions. It will be the Secretary’s job to take such notes at the meetings.

    It will be the board’s responsibility to track the membership of the club and ensure that all members remain in good standing.

    It will be the board’s responsibility to maintain the clubs forums on our website, and ensure that the clubs mission statement and bylaws are upheld by all members. All board members will act as moderators on the forums to ensure that it runs smoothly.

    A Board member has the right to step down from his/her position and the board has the right to fill or not fill that position before the next voting period.

    If a board member steps down before the end of his/her term it will be the remaining board member’s job to fill this open spot as they feel is best. In most cases the four remaining board members will complete the work left until the next voting term comes up at the end of the year at which time the vacant spot will be opened to election along with any other spots that may be up for re-election.

    The Board has the right to remove from power any other board member who shows to be untrustworthy in the job that he/she has been placed in with a 100% vote of the other board members.

    The Board has the right to remove members from the club if they are shown to be troublesome, and/or uncooperative in the club setting with a 100% vote for the action by the Board.

    In all respects the general opinion of the club’s membership will weigh heavily on the decisions made by the Board. Major decisions in respect to the club will be voted on by the general membership as well as the board. Ties will be broken by a board only vote.

    If you don't give your input on a topic, we assume you have no interest in the topic. In that case, a decision will be made by those involved in the discussion. Only the input that we receive can be considered in decision making, and we can't consider input that we don't get. If the clear majority favors one side of an issue, we will side with the majority, if it's too close to tell, we'll vote on it.

    We currently have a private forum devoted to planning events for the club. All members have access to the forum. We feel that there is private information in there that we don't want unregistered guests to view at this time, and we would like to limit access to those devoted to the club. This will be the same for any other special forums used in the future.

    Regular members shall consist of individuals over the age of 14.

    Membership is not transferable and all incurred membership fees are nonrefundable.

    Each membership only holds one vote during elections. Membership does include
    immediate family and legal dependants. The immediate family and legal dependants are considered to be associate members and have all rights except they may not vote or hold office

    Sponsors may only post business related items if you are a supporting sponsor of NWIMAC.

    In relation to sponsors, all sponsors of this club are created equal as well. These businesses are kind enough to support us, so we should at least respect them as a business. We will not stand for constant promotion of a single sponsor. You are welcome to share good experiences or bad with any sponsor, but we will not accept comparison of one sponsor to another. Also, if you do plan to criticize a sponsor or any business for that matter, do it constructively. If you openly bash a local business or sponsor, your post will be deleted, and you'll be asked to repost in a more pleasant manner. Also, we have decided to limit discussions of sponsors to that sponsor's respective forum (within reason). This will help avoid any issues with propaganda towards one vendor over the next. If you have something to discuss about a sponsor, post it in their forum. Non sponsoring vendors can be discussed in public forum, but it is suggested that we support those who support us. Sponsors and thier employees are not allowed to attain full member status within the club. This is to prevent any conflict of interest. Sponsors and thier employees are allowed to attend meetings, and club functions, but are not allowed discounts at other sponors stores, or access to the "members only" forum. Sponsors will be able to post prices of the product that they have available to sell. These price may only be posted in the forum that is dedicated to that sponsor. If prices are posted in the wrong location it will be moved to its proper spot.

    Businesses that are not offical sponsors of the club will not be allowed to advertise on our forums. That is a right reserved to those stores which support us.

    Organized group buys from online vendors will be allowed on the forums, but only in the “Members Only” Section. Those organizing group buys are fully responsible for the collection of monies from the involved parties, and the delivery of the product in question. The club cannot be held responsible for the action of its individual members in such situations.

    The clubs intent is to stay true to our mission statement. That mission statement is posted in our forums and repeated here:

    "The NorthWest Indiana Marine Aquarium Club is a group of local individuals dedicated to marine fish and reef-keeping. Our goal is to share knowledge and information, to help each other to make smart choices, and to promote responsible aquarium husbandry while providing a forum to get fast answers from trusted friends. We are further dedicated to the conservastion of marine animal life by promoting the trading of tank raised animals, working with local stores on issues regarding our hobby, and promoting sustainabilty within our natural reefs."

    Finally, These By-Laws are designed to help this club to continue to grow and move forward in a productive way. As such these By-Laws are subject to revision at any time that they are deemed to be irrelevant or incomplete by the Board in general. Additions and subtractions of the By-Laws will not be taken lightly, and in most cases will be discussed with the general membership before taking effect. Revisions may be made at anytime so long as it is agreed upon by the general membership of the club. Some revisions may be made without allowing proper time to pass for all membership to notice topics about them. Because of this we ask that you check the forums regularly.

    revised 2013
    Reefers helping fellow reefers. Not Reefers making the quickest buck off fellow reefers.

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    Re: NWIMAC By-Laws

    If you haven't read through these take the time when you have some time to get to know these some.


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      Re: NWIMAC By-Laws

      edited to reflect change in dues back to $20 a year.
      Reefers helping fellow reefers. Not Reefers making the quickest buck off fellow reefers.