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  • shark?

    ammmmm are my ideas or is published exactly the same in the other 4 topics? my doubt is the following one some limitation to have sharks ??? can I have a white shark? i know that a extremely dangerous animal and one the biggest but i dont care Mandalas my mom tell i can have it but is it possible?

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    You cannot keep a white shark in captivity. Large, well know aquariums have never been able to successfully keep one alive more than a year, and those released even earlier to the wild do not survive. There is no record of a white shark surviving, even after release to the wild. If you really want to keep a shark in a home aquarium you are better off starting with a tank that is NOT a shark tank and learn how to maintain and keep it. Even the small sharks that are better suited to home aquariums need to have very large, well maintained tanks. There are only a few species of shark that can even be kept (bamboo, Epaullete, Wobbegong, to name a few) and anything that gets longer than 3 feet long should be stayed away from. They get very large, very fast.
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