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  • Kessils!

    So, I put two of the 360NE Kessil lights on my 240g 2 years ago. Just noticed last week that one of them had burned out and then yesterday realized the whites on the other went out. Called Kessil, quickly determined that I had not been properly caring for them (I need to blow the dust out with canned air more than once in a great while), and before I could ask about getting them serviced, they offered to REPLACE both lights under the 2 year warranty you get when you register them online (even though I forgot to do so). Must say, I love the lights and I LOVE the customer service. <3.
    240g FOWLR - complete!, WIP 125g reef/inverts, WIP 30g/20g mantis.

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    That is some great CS. Take care of your stuff though, dork.
    Reefers helping fellow reefers. Not Reefers making the quickest buck off fellow reefers.


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      I have the purple only Kessil over my Chaeto. Works like a champ and is taking a beating.