Welcome to the home of the NorthWest Indiana Marine Aquarium Club. We are a group of individuals who own saltwater aquaria in the Northwest IN and Northeast IL areas who have come together to form a group of like minded people to help each other further our hobby. Please feel free to take a look around our site, and do not be shy about contributing to our discussion forums if you have any questions, or any insight you would like to add. If you have any questions regarding meetings or anything else about the club contact us at NWIMAC@gmail.com

NWIMAC'S Second Annual Frag swap!

NWIMAC Frag Fest 2015

SEPTEMBER 20th, noon-4

Woodland Park in Portage, IN

This will be our second annual frag swap! It is coming up fast and has exploded with vendors and sponsors!

There will be a post-Fest get together to go grab dinner nearby, specifics TBA...

For any questions or for help with directions

Text or call Carole @ (219) 242-1627 or Ryan @ (219) 805-3713

Join us in welcoming our Frag Fest 1015 Speaker, Robert M. Fenner

Bob is the author of The Conscientious Marine Aquarist, creator of WetWebMedia.com and a veteran writer, speaker, diver and an advocate of the aquarium hobby. We couldn't be more exicted!


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Our Frag Fest 2015 Hobbyist Vendors and Donation Contributors!

Vendors include: Insane Corals, MT Reefs, Divine Aquatic Supply, A Little Piece of Ocean, Jamie Myers, Dirk's Dry Goods, Tyler Ball, AZ Nutty's Saltwater Connection, The Reef Junkies, Ladies Frag Swapping, Mermaid's Cove, LaBo's Aquatics, Exotic Aquatics, Jim's Reef, Paul's Cleaners, Irsug1 from Chicago Reefs, David G, Paul Schneider, Mike Bakker, Royce Holder aka budman, Tim Herman aka Therman

Thanks to our generous swag bag, giveaway and prize donors: Air Water Ice, CORAL Magazine, Central Aquatics, Aquatica, Reef Brite, Rob's Aquatics, Reef 2 Rainforest, Red Sea, Aqua Ultraviolet, Aquacraft Products, The United Pet Group, Custom Aquariums, CoralRx, Kessil and OmegaSea, LLC

NWIMAC Shirts are Still Available

T-shirts, we have a few left $20. Contact Cub21rak, Opie77, Bigevil or Carmelpi for information or to purchase


NWIMAC Hats Are also Available for $15 Each

Contact BigEvil, Carmelpi, JTmbtech, or Cub21rak for more information or to purchase

Sweet, Dude!!!

NWIMAC Bumper and Window Stickers also now Availible

Window decal $9. Bumper stickers $7.

Let's welcome our new local sponsor

LaPorte fish store Aquatic Escapes

Aquatic Escapes LaPorte IN



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